Riding an e-bike is a luxury no more!


How it works


1. Sign up and ride a luxury electric bike.

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2. We maintain and fix your bike.

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3. Keep it forever and you will get an upgrade as the market evolves.


The stylish electric bicycle is not an unreachable dream anymore!

Experience the comfort of cycling without breaking a sweat!

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Be the fastest!

Cycling is the fastest mode in urban environment.

Electric bike will help you not to break a sweat while travelling at almost light speed. Almost.


Be productive!

Cycling commuters achieve more in less time, saving employees €364 according to a study in Utrecht.

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Where you want it!

Park your e-bike wherever you see it fit!
No more hunting for parking spots.
Parking costs = 0!

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Live long!

Every minute cycled expands your life expectancy with a minute!

Cycling costs no time - you gain time!